Check out our Fete de la Musique Special Podcast / Radio Show!

Since this Sunday is one of our favourite days – not only the beginning of summer but also the Fete de la Musique, or Make Music Day as it’s know in some areas of the world.

Which is why we dedicated our brand new radio show and podcast to the #FETEBerlin.

The newest The Best New Bands Radio Show broadcast yesterday (Monday) on Alex Berlin 91.0 (next one’s on the 13th July, make a note in your diary!), and as of this morning the podcast is also out, everywhere where podcasts are to be found.

Waking Dreams

Usually of course the podcast always goes out a week after the radio show but, well, Fete, 21.6, etc etc.

So click that button and get down to the sounds of:

Jack and Cherry, Cloudy June, Strange Souvenirs, Ran Nir, Kat Koan, Fabian Holland and more!

Fabian Holland

And don’t forget that the Fete is happening this Sunday, but a bit different from usually because of, well you know, the Virus That Shall Not Be Named.

Go to for tons of the coolest musical live streams you can imagine, embedded on the site as well as being linked to it, plus watch the #FETEBerlin FB and Twitter and Insta channels for live, up to the minute moderation…

Streams are going out on Youtube, Facebook and Twitch.