Babylon at Bebelplatz: say hallo to the Bebel Stage

Some of the best new bands – hell, the best bands full stop – in Berlin at the moment will be appearing from the 24th September to the 3rd October at Berlin’s Bebelplatz (known to many by its previous name, the Opernplatz), with free entry to all (at least to the first 1,000 people to come each day).

Wallis Bird. Foto: Jens Oellermann

This brand new cultural event is planned as an eight-day celebration of Berlin’s huge music, artistic and cultural diversity, with each of the eight days having its focus on a different style, genre and perspective, and culminating on the 3rd October by joining with the celebrations for the Day of German Unity.

Babylon Berlin, the hit TV series set in 30s Berlin, made the orchestra that plays its eponymous songs famous: The Moka Efti Orchestra.

And it’s exactly this orchestra that is playing on the 24th September, to open the festivities. After a year and a half of lockdown and an (at least) heavily reduced array of opportunities to enjoy this city’s culture – the very thing that has attracted so many people to Berlin over the years – the Bebel Stage will also give everyone a much-needed chance to be together and to enjoy art and music.

With a brilliant line-up including the likes of Wallis Bird, Sam Vance-Law, the aforementioned Moka Efti Orchestra, Ättna and the NDR Jazz Orchestra and one night curated (and DJed) by the people responsible for the XJazz Festival, it should be a week to remember.

A well-thought-out hygiene concept to deal with Covid is of course in place, with the 3-G rule (ie you can come along if you’ve been vaccinated, have a new test, or recovered from Covid), plus on-site testing facilities set up.

Don’t forget that to stick to the hygiene concept, the audience is maxed out at a thousand people each day. There are no reservations or booking possible, just turn up.

Cultural festival on the Bebelplatz

● 09/24 Moka Efti Orchestra // Syncopation Society
● 09/25 X Jazz Night feat. Brandt, Brauer, Frick & Strings // Aron Ottignon // X Jazz Film
● 09/29 Etna & NDR Jazz Bigband // Gleissendes Licht – Ein musikalisches Ritual des Erinnerns (2021) – Piano Concert with Michael Wendeberg (including Mozart: Sonata in D major ‘Dürnitz’ KV 284)
● 09/30 Wallis Bird & Sam Vance-Law & further guests // Alex Mayr
● 10/01 Balbina
● 02.10. Blond with choir and dancers

Sponsored by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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Photo of Bebelplatz from Wikipedia: Von A.Savin (Wikimedia Commons · WikiPhotoSpace) – Eigenes Werk, FAL,